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Savannah, I told Rav, seemed like a city where racism is very high. It felt deeply wrong on some level while we were there. I talked to the kids as we drove home about how the history was whitewashed, how the discussion of selling cotton and Eli Whitney ignored what the cotton gin did to slavery, how cotton was grown, that PEOPLE were also bought and sold in the port of Savannah. There was something off about that city. The news today saddens me, but does not surprise me. 

pterawaters replied to your post “Chocolate coffee and triple chocolate cookies. Mmmm yes. ”

triple chocolate? Pray tell how is this possible?

We went to this place in Savannah (but they ship everywhere). Scroll down on this page to ‘t’, but I have to admit the key lime are a close second. SOMEONE wanted red velvet, but someone else and I overruled. 


Chocolate coffee and triple chocolate cookies. Mmmm yes. 


And now I’m thinking about this video. Right, ravingliberal?

A reminder that mental illnesses are actual life-altering disorders and not quirky or cute fashion accessories

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i’m side eye-ing everyone who reblogs the fckh8 shirts because it’s been said over and over again that their entire company doesn’t donate any of the money they make nor reveal what it’s going to

also profiting off of the fucking murder of a boy is disgusting 

the capitalist system strikes again 

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 OH MY GOD WAIT WHAT. i totally thought you were based in georgia for some reason.

patchfire and ravingliberal are in Georgia, but sadly I live far, far away from them in Seattle.

resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. 


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PSA: Don’t eat at B & D Burgers in Savannah. 

For starters, I’ve had tons better burgers, so don’t believe this bullshit “Top 10 Burgers in the US” ranking. I can think of two places within the ATL Metro area that are better, so I’m sure I could easily find ten better just east of the Mississippi. 

Secondly, it’s only now, twelve hours later, that I don’t feel like I’m being poisoned. I should have stopped when the bathroom smelled. Not like a bathroom, but like rotten food, specifically rotten dairy.